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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mama A in Babe-ylonia

We watched Saturday Night Live's the best of Mike Myers that aired last Saturday night, and they showed the old skit of Wayne's World doing their top ten babes of all time that culminated in the silly black and white Madonna dream.


And you know who's number one on my top ten list? A beautiful pregnant woman. That I'm married to. Preg-schwing.

Something about the pregnant belly that's so mesmerizing; everyone wants to touch and kiss it, like the woman is a fertility goddess (which she is) and her worshippers need to be blessed by her presence and the unborn child's.

Ah, the days of Babe-ylonia…

Drumming from the inside

I lay next to her and stroke her stomach

that glows taut like a drum head over a star,

where dust swirls with omniscient purpose

and planets form and life explodes with a bang.

It grows, writhing and spinning

and drumming from the inside --

antediluvian signals that it's

coming to our world someday soon.

It's distant drumbeats echo through my hand

and resound in my heart, full of love.

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