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Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby B casts a vote; Daddy K yearns for yang

I don’t discuss politics much and certainly don’t want to use this forum to sway any way other than encouraging folk to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives around them. There are plenty of prolific journalists and bloggers in the world who can give you much more insightful political commentary, no matter which way you swing. I’m usually on the fence initially, but if you hit me hard enough, I almost always fall to the left.

Whack. Whoopsie.

Compared to the short history of this great country, in this year alone, the year we’ll be having our first child, a woman and a black man have run for president and have garnered more primary votes than any other candidate before them (Okay I didn’t fact check this and Whoopi Goldberg says I can say black man. We’re good. Yes, I watch The View with Mama A. Is there a problem?) Of course based on this alone doesn't make them the right choice for president, but I do like what they have to say and where they stand.

The past decade has been so polarizing and divisive in American politics, but I’m still proud to be an American and always will be. We’ve traveled all over the world and there’s still no place like home.

No matter your opinions about Hillary Clinton, it was a tough road for her. It always has been for women. I can say this with certainty from growing up with women who had to do daily battle with the men in their lives, sometimes just to stay alive, literally and figuratively, personally and professionally. Baby B will know these stories someday and be a champion for healing and personal responsibility whether a boy or girl (and if he/she ever sneaks out of the house as a teenager, he/she will know the healing glory of backhanded faith smacks – Amen).

Read Lysistrata. Read Margaret Atwood. Read Maya Angelou. Read about Eve, Esther and Deborah. Listen to Tori Amos. Pretend there is no Ann Coulter.

Please. I beg of you.

And anyone who knows anything about black history knows how far we’ve come to the tune of “all men [and women] are created equal” to have a presidential nominee like Barack Obama. (I’m an Obama girl now. Is there a problem?)

And I should give equal time to John McCain. I’m sure he’s a nice man.

Look out Baby B. Here comes history!

I came across a passage in 1776 about a young black poet, Phillis Wheatley, who sent George Washington a poem written in his honor:

Proceed, great chief, with virtue on thy side
Thy every action let the goddess guide.

Now, queue the music…

’Cause I gotta crush on Obama.

Notice how I didn’t use the word “change” once.

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