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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The vibrant moment of light traveling from a universe birthed in the belly of Mama

The rush of heater air through the house vents. The static white noise from the baby monitor. Random swoosh of cars and trucks passing on Highway 1. The creeking joints of the old cat shuffling past my chair.

It's the comforting stillness of pre-dawn family that links the frantically busy days for me, giving them tinker-toy structure where there otherwise would be none. Allowing me to feel my think after too many mind-numbing synaptical transactions.

The physics of this is even simpler yet more ambiguous than it seems, the fact time is relative from moment to moment, seeping beyond and within the linear construct we give it. So much life in so little space like tidal pools we miss under the rush of seas.

These moments are vibrant, like light traveling from a universe birthed millions of years ago -- and they are cruel, like earthquakes killing tens of thousands of impoverished people (find out how to help here).

And they are loving moments of mindful presence, fossils of the heart -- like the moment we met, the world we've seen, and the Bea we conceived.

We took two pregnancy test before this last Christmas: the first was negative, the second positive. We left the second one out like we did the first time with Beatrice, just to ensure that it wasn't an illusion.

But definitely no illusion with the intense punctuated moments of nausea over the holidays and the past couple of weeks, and that was just me (rim shot, please).

Then the pièce de résistance -- the first prenatal visit and sonogram on Thursday -- the vibrant moment of light traveling from a universe birthed in the belly of Mama.

A new universe call Bryce, arriving on earth August 2010.


  1. Woo Hoo CONGRATS! The world absolutely needs another LEO...Like Bella AND BellaDaddy...fingers crossed for August 3rd LOL

    WOW, Cheers!!

  2. Thank you! Bryce is due August 22, so he/she may be a cusp Leo/Virgo baby. We'll see...

  3. Congrats, Kevin! I have a nephew named Bryce. Good name choice! :) Proud Papa x 2 sounds like a great title for you. :)

  4. Thank you. For us it's because of our time spent in Bryce Canyon, Utah. Beautiful high desert inspiration. Proud Papa X 2 it is!

  5. Congrats! That is great. Sorry to be so late.

  6. No worries. Thank you. Just met with the midwife today.