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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Learning to Love Life on Mars. While Skipping.

It's difficult for me to fathom dialing up or down a career over time to focus on career/life fit like in the article I recently read in the latest Workforce Management print magazine. It was all about Deloitte's Mass Career Customization program, which lets employees tailor their jobs to suit their lifestyles (the article isn't online yet).

Fascinating. Reading the article remind me that there is always room for exploration, for a new ways to work effectively and productively beyond the work/life balance cliché while embracing personal prefer. For me, it's like training to be an family-friendly astronaut while tethered to the gravity of my firm's leadership laptop and iPhone via 24/7/365 umbilical customer-biz-dev data streams.

To become a family-friendly astronaut to see if there's life on Mars -- the rare opportunity when American Mommies and Daddies take time off for a family trip and explore beyond the backyard (although all things considered including budgets, ain't nothing wrong with a stay-cation).

A family vacashun is supposed to be about shunning the everyday doldrums of home- and work-related responsibilities. It's about seeing the world again through the perceptive lens and innocence of your children, relearning things you'd forgotten for decades.

It's about seeing the world again through your own newly calibrated connection with strangers and friends, extended family visits, volunteering to help, playing for fun, learning, teaching, skipping -- there should always be skipping.

Family daddy time at home or on the road is about learning to love life on Mars.

While skipping.

Mama, cut the cord.

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