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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family Time Love and the George Foreman Grill

Family time is important, particularly when you're strapped to the laptop as I am 23.5/6.5.

Last weekend we had a family picnic at Wilder Ranch State Park. It's such a great place to take kids to because of it's history and the farm animals.

And Bea loves the farm animals.

And getting stuck in the fun bubble bucket.

That's what I mean -- fun family time at the expense of your children! No worries. It's okay until they can talk back.

Today was family brunch day, and now that we've got the universe of Bryce coming, Mama's had a really rough time with cooking.

Cooking anything of the animal variety. In the kitchen. In the house. Anywhere inside (because don't you fry pork rinds in the bedroom like we do?). The smells just kill her.

So, because her nausea has been much worse this time round, I've been cooking meat outside on the George Foreman grill.

Really. The George Foreman grill. Outside.

Like today for brunch. Cooking bacon outside on the porch. In a storm. How exciting is that?

Family time love and the George Foreman grill. Right on.


  1. The image you painted at the end cracks me up. The things we do for our children and children to be.

  2. I'm just sayin' -- the things we do for the loving mothers of our children too. ;)