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Friday, May 1, 2009

The sleepless nights of seismic room shifting, nail scratching and nose snotting

The planets align. Oracles tap their staffs upon cliffs partings seas. The moon turns red. Men who love their mothers gouge their eyes out.

And parents sleep like crap.

It’s not that dramatic really, but this week has been a challenge with Bea. Or more like, a challenge with Bea’s parents.

Bea’s been teething, and although no baby pearly whites have punctured the soft pink gums yet, the growing pains hit like seismic shifts. Drool buckets at the ready, please.

We then decided that this would be the week to move Bea into her room and crib. To date she’s been in a bassinet next to Mama’s side of the bed, which we’ve both been fine with.

We moved her on Monday and as of Wednesday she was back in our room. Not because Baby couldn’t handle it, but Mama had to traipse back and forth so Baby could eat (still breastfeeding, no formula). That caused me to sleep poorly because I worried more about Mama than Baby. We’ll try again soon.

Then there’s the Beatrice Scissor-hands situation. I can’t cut Bea’s nails. It’s the one thing that freaks me out more than any other baby care moment. I just can’t do it. So the onus is all on Mama and she does a great job keeping them trimmed and filed.

However, there is one Terminator nail from the future that keeps scratching Bea’s face. It looks like she was outside in a catfight. Everyone’s recommending we bag the hands, but Mama’s not up for that one. Thankfully baby skin heals quickly. Like an alien’s.

And to top it all off, we summoned the cold Cracken to wreak havoc on Mama’s nose and now Baby’s. (No H1N1 virus here or eye gouging.)

I’m fine so far, but that run down feeling has started and we all know that a family that snots together stays together.

And doesn’t sleep well together. Sigh.

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  1. hang in gets better :D

  2. Dear Baby B - You have wonderful parents. Tell them to hang in there!

  3. I'm sure instead of "sigh" you meant "weez"...ah, the rewards of being a close-knit family! :)

  4. Yeah,there's an exhausting, gross side of the parenting biz, but there's also a rewarding, hey I can do this! side as well.

    Hang on there. The rewards are endless!

  5. Yeah, that's all we CAN WILL get better. I think both of mine started sleeping better around 6 months of age or so. Everyody is different. :)

  6. Thats SNOT funny...;-) So greatful it all gets better...inevitably!

  7. My whole family has teh snots this weekend as well. Teething only makes it worse...