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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mama A and Daddy K go for a walk

Friday mornings Amy and I walk along the water for our workout. We review each other's week, talk about anything and everything, and use each other as a touch stone about sensitive issues.

Last Friday, it went something like this:

"How do we put on diapers? I don't how to do that," Amy said.

"Good question," I said.

Silence. Fog hugged the cliffs and filled the sky overhead.

"I'm sure it can't be that hard," I said. "The diaper service will give us an instructional DVD or something, don't you think?"

Silence. Sea otters frolicked and played in the water.

"I mean, we'll have to learn how to wipe B's bottom and keep it rash free and all that stuff," I said.

Silence. A jogger passed.

"I mean, I've been taking care of my bottom for 42 years. How hard can it be?"

Silence. I walked ahead proudly.

"But that's pretty contained," Amy answers. "That's not the same thing."


More Silence.

Even more silence.

Amy laughed.

"What are we talking about again?" I asked.


  1. Hey Mama A and Daddy K,

    We can loan you our diaper wearing baby. We have more than enough practice with diapers and would appreciate an afternoon off! He is available by the hour for modest rates. Contact Adriana for availability.

    I am sorry to inform you both that we have yet to find an instructional manual for babies, should you come across a series please let us know if there is a "terrible two" installment.

  2. Crap. Literally. Should've bought a goldfish.