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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The third shower’s the charm: Baby B is blessed with birthing stories

The ladies from VibrantCare, the physical therapy clinic where Mama A works, threw her one more baby shower. Oh how we are blessed with such loving and supportive people in our lives. Thank you Annee and Ching!

This one was strictly chicks-only, and I was happy to stay home and tend to my honey-do list and blogging and catching up on work (if that were possible).

The highlight for Mama A was when the other mothers shared their birth stories – very touching and moving for everyone there. We've been hearing many birth stories and reading them as well, and they've been informative and helpful, acclimating us to the bone-crushing depths of the deep contraction seas ahead. (I know, we have no idea until we're in those moments.)

Believe it or not, Amy won the "guess the belly measurement with a length of string" game. She must have the inside scoop (wink).

The shower cake was a score as well because we know what happens when mama don't get her cake.

Thanks again to everyone pitching tents in B's camp!

The Baby B ticker shows 26 days. Gulp. Gotta go fill the birthing tub. Someone boil some water and tear up the sheets.

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  1. Hi,

    I recorded grades with all the other teachers in the cafeteria at Moon Valley High School, (which was still done manually and not by computer) - Handed the completed ones to my first period class (they all said I looked ill) - turned in my keys at noon (first in line) - drove towards the house - stopped to upchuck next to an alfalfa field - tried to call Dan (who was playing handball at a different high school with other coaches) - finally reached him and told him I wasn’t going to make it to the annual coaches and wives Mai-Tai luncheon. Delivered Dori 2 weeks early - around 8:15pm.

    Hugs - and prayers for YOUR STORY that is about to unfold –

    Auntie M