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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby B checks out before checking in

Last Tuesday was our latest midwife appointment. All lights are green for Baby B! Much to Amy's chagrin, Kathe (our midwife) told us that the baby has much more room to grow in the uterus.

Ack. Ouch. Ugh. Sigh.

Baby B is probably around 5 to 5 ½ pounds and upwards of 18 inches long. Room to grow?

Ack. Ouch. Ugh. Sigh.

Heart rate is still a steady 140 beats per minute and B is even more active than ever. Very responsive to our voices and touch, although shy with others touching the belly.

Kathe called me an empathetic partner (a good thing) experiencing couvade syndrome. And I thought I had to pee a lot because I was getting older.


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