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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mama A and the spiritual bond

According to Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia where everything is factual – wink), a godparent, in many denominations of Christianity, is someone who sponsors a child's baptism. Judaism has this equivalent in the circumcision ceremony.

Too wet and painful – and too old school. A more modern view of godparents for us means they are individuals (family or friends) who we have a strong spiritual bond with and who we want to be a special part of our child's life.

You already know that my best friend Robby is Baby B's Godfather. We've chosen Amy's niece, Kimberly, as B's Godmother. Amy's always had a strong connection to Kimberly and we've both watch her grow into a strong, intelligent and empathetic woman – who's given us a heck of a lot help already when it comes to raising B. The knowledge of childrearing (and the force – can't resist a Star Wars reference) is strong with this one. Amy's sister, Kimberly's mother, has been caring for infants for many, many years.

There's the UFO connection, too.

And as far as we're concerned, everyone in our life who we share a reciprocal friendship, love and grace with will be a godparent to B. Shafts of sunlight to warm our child's heart.

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