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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daddy K goes back to school, and man is it cool

Baby B is years away from going to school, but it's never too soon for Daddy K and Mama A to get into the back to school shopping mode. A couple of weeks ago we went "back to school" shopping for our dear friend, Nancy, who's starting her first year of teaching 2nd grade this week. Good luck Nancy! We got her all sorts of fun supplies including a 2 GB USB flash drive shaped like an eraser. Awesome.

I have very fond memories of going back to school shopping as a child – and the best part of all was the hip and fresh new binder organizer with as many hidden pockets and zipper packs as possible. Oh how I enjoyed getting everything organized in my organizer and jamming it full of fresh binder paper, pens, pencils and erasers. Yes, I was excited to learn – and to be ready to learn. Each and every year mine would be used to the point of disrepair, just in time for the summer break and then to buy anew before September started. That was my gadgetry long before laptops, cell phones, iPhones and iPods. For those South Park fans out there (and I bet most of my readers aren't), there was the Trapper Keeper episode. Nothing more to add there.

So the prospect of someday picking out organizers and gadgetry for B is more than I can bear. Don't know if I can wait for that.

Must go buy now. Must buy. Must.

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