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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mama A is almost abducted; Daddy K has bay-dar

Is that a UFO landing behind Mama A and her niece Kimberly? Are the aliens abducting them?

No, it's one of the rides at this year's Monterey Bay Strawberry Festival at Watsonville. We went down to Target to buy some Baby B stuff and then walked over to the festival. It's the first time we've attended it since we've lived in Santa Cruz and it's about time. You can never eat enough strawberries and the Olympic athletes will be enjoying Watsonville strawberries as well. In fact until this year virtually no American produce has been imported by the Chinese as a result of long-standing trade barriers set up to protect local markets.

We need more strawberry shortcake to break down walls – and the The Art of Peace CD coming out this week. Olympics start in just four days!

We walked around the games first at the festival, and carnies rule. But what's the deal with the 10 different (yet the same) dart games? Throwing darts at balloons can be fun, but why so many when you've got tons of kids running around? Kids and darts don't mix.

Then we were off to all the food booths and funnel cake and strawberry shortcake were on the agenda. Good times.

As we get closer and closer to Baby B's arrival, my bay-dar cranks up even higher, and I find myself an alien anthropologist watching all the parents interact with their children. Someday we'll be taking B to all these fun local gigs and I'm trying to imagine what it'll be like.

So I Tweeted (which doesn't mean I tooted) we were at the strawberry festival. And lo, I received this reply, "Where are you?"

It was none other than one of my savvy PR team members – Adriana, her husband Scott and little boy Caleb.

Bay-dar enhanced by tweeting and pre-mindful parenting. Who knows where Web 2.0 will go.

Happy Birthday, Kimberly!

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  1. What fun-A strawberry festival. We'd love to check that out next year! We could take the kids:)