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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Daddy K believes in the Phelpsian way

When Michael Phelps won his eighth medal he made Olympic history. To get there he had goals and trained hard to hit those goals.

And he did. A recent San Jose Mercury News article defined it this way per Phelps relay teammate Aaron Peirsol:

Phelpsian adj. 1. To set an impossible goal and achieve it. And make it look easy.

But impossible is relative. I bounced back from financial ruin and quit smoking. Amy and I said we'd never have a child. Having a healthy child at home isn't impossible (unthinkable to some, but not impossible). Living a full life after a devastating spinal cord injury isn't impossible either. One of my staff members recovered from cancer and now runs 50-mile trail races (I never thought I'd run six miles). My father beat the devil three times and is still as nutty as ever. The list goes on and on.

Most of us don't care about making these feats look easy because that's not our intention; we just are, we envision and we do. Baby B will hear all these stories and B inspired.

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