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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Daddy K asks – what the???

So I'm cruising through some of the blogs and news feeds I subscribe and there it was on

California Mom Gives Birth on Front Lawn by Herself

Jessica Higgins was at the mall in Fullerton with her 2-year-old son when she went into labor. She drove home, called 911 and had the baby in her front yard.

"She was just standing in the driveway rocking the newborn, who was still attached to the placenta," Officer Manny Ramos said.

Although her daughter came six weeks early, both mom and baby are doing well.

We'll stick to the birthing tub. Or the bed. Or the futon in the baby's room. Or the couch downstairs. Or the cuddle chair downstairs.

Less than a month to go.

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