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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The baby’s room cometh

Martha Stewart we ain't, and don't really want to be, but we do a pretty darn good job of keeping house between the two of us. We decorated Baby B's room last Sunday with vintage Winnie the Pooh (including B's and honey pots) and had a blast doing it. I did all the heavy lifting and Mama A supervised and folded baby clothes. A special thank you to everyone who gave us baby gifts and decorations!

After decorating and resting (it was hard work, I'm tellin' you), we dialed up my Mom and Dad on the Skype web cam (Nana really wanted to talk to Baby B) and showed them around the baby's room. They approved with ooo's and ah's.

Not bad for two honery kids who didn't want to have any kids. Not bad at all.

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