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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Mama A List: The Midwife Measureth and Checketh Up

Last night our midwife Kathe came for our latest Baby B appointment (video snippet here). Everything is going well and now we'll see her every two weeks and then every as we approach the due date.

Amy's weight and measurements are all on target and the baby's heart rate continues to be a steady 140 bpm. Rock on, Baby B! (I'm going to try to capture some alien video of Amy's tummy roiling.)

We're now in the final planning stages, including making lists of supplies – smelling salts for me and a birthing tub with beach balls for Amy. Lots to do before the baby comes.

YouTube has a new fun feature (thanks Adriana!) that allows you to embed pop-up thought bubbles and such in videos.


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