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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Empire of Mama A Pokes Back

We’re two months and change out from Baby B’s grand entrance, and man is he/she getting pushing. Really. And pokey. And proddy (is that even a word?).

Baby B’s pushing up on Mama A’s stomach and that’s causing a bit of heartburn. Not much, but enough to be noticed and enough for some calcium-rich Tums (shameless product placement).

Amy’s been very fortunate to date with limited problems during pregnancy. I’m quite happy about that as well. (Pssst – I’ll tell you a hormonal story or two sometime.)

When Baby B is in an awkward position (which will get worse, we know), pushing hard on either side, bladder or ribs, Mama A pokes back!

In a very loving way, of course. I like talking into the belly and poking as well.

Tomorrow night, the next midwife appointment transpires…more on that later.

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