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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daddy K’s peace of mind

Sometimes working in marketing and PR and the software as a service space can be mind-numbing (that's SaaS-sy for those of you keeping score at home). I'm strapped to my laptop a lot longer than I'd like every day, and a lot longer than Mama A would like as well. Stress for less always costs more.

It's not physically demanding, other than feeling spent at the end of the day/night. Too much information ingestion, regurgitation, dissemination, reiteration, manipulation, exacerbation, client negotiation – oh mi Dios!

My outlets have been reading, writing, drumming, exercise and more recently, gardening. When we landscaped our backyard starting two years ago, we did it all ourselves with the exception of the sprinklers. Amy always knew more than me when it came to plants and gardening. Still does. But, I'm learning and I love it.

I dig and plant and weed and sweat and move and plant and weed and sweat and dig some more. The yard is never done; it's my Winchester mystery garden. It's a place where I can let my mind wander through false doorways and down incomplete stairways and into warm, dark places, focusing on limb-numbing physical work instead.

Our backyard ain't going to be featured in Sunset Magazine anytime soon, but it's our piece of paradise and my peace of mind.

I can't wait for Baby B to lay in the hammock with me and nap away on a warm summer's day.

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