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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby B is a vampire. Really.

Our latest midwife appointment was this week and everything is A-Okay.

Well, almost everything. I mean, the ever-expanding uterus universe is on target, Baby B's positioning is good, the heart rate continues to be a steady 140 bpm, it's regularly active and uses Mama A's bladder as a whoopee cushion. Good times.

Everything but Amy's iron level. Too low. Anemic.

Baby B is a vampire. Really.

Please note that Amy was a vegetarian for almost 10 years before she started ingesting meat again. And then it was in only small amounts and seafood and pork. No beef or chicken. No chicken whatsoever. (When she was in Ecuador with her friend Sandy, a couple years before I met Amy, they ate chicken burritos from a roadside vendor and got sick as a dog.)

She gets a lot of iron from many other non-meat sources, but because she has a vampire in her belly, it's not enough. Thank goodness she's cut back on the garlic.

Our midwife suggested we get some yellow dock root to help improve Amy's iron level, which we did. The next morning Amy asked me to Google for the best food iron sources. I turned to her and said:

"Beef, baby. There's your Google search."

She laughed to humor me and said, "Funny. Search please."

And so I did and came up with a wide range of foods that are iron-rich. What the heck is jaggery? It was on the list.

Technically, the word refers solely to sugarcane sugar. Yum. Mama gonna like that one.

But then the yellow dock root gave her a little belly ache (she thinks) and so she looked for an alternative. Someone suggested another herbal concoction that could've been arsenic for all I know and our midwife said don't do it. I concurred because, well, that's what her job is – to advise us on how to care for the unborn child.

We're going to give the yellow dock root and beef a shot first to see if that helps. Amy also read that cooking in a cast iron skillet can help. I thought it was hogwash but obviously not.

Men (and women), take care of your pregnant half make sure she eats her meat from cast iron for the baby vampires. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat? (That last one was for Pink Floyd – The Wall fans.)

Time for carne asada fajitas! Muy bueno!

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