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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mama A eats poo candy. Really.

A special thank you to the ladies of for throwing us a fabulous baby shower yesterday!

I was designated picture-taker and recorder – but of course participated in the fun games as well. One of the memorable moments was the guess the melted candy bar in the newborn diaper game. Always a big hit. I played it years ago at a coed shower for an old colleague of mine and it is a gross, knee-slapping hoot.

Check out the video of it here.

We were all really hungry, but Mama A couldn't wait for the good eats everybody brought – so she ate the candy bars. Yes, the poo candy. Love that woman! She ain't afraid.

We also had a Winnie the Pooh piƱata that we beat the stuffing out of – and fun stuffing did it have. Soap bubbles and toe rings and candy and magic pads and all sorts of goodies.

Thankfully there was a guy gift I won during the afternoon festivities – a San Francisco Giants Pez dispenser, complete with the little candied soaps (ever since I was little Pez candy tasted a little soapy). Go Giants! (Yes, it's a painful season to become a fan, but those are the best kind.)

Aren't we supposed to wait and have Baby B before we have this much fun?

No way. Rock on with the fun. Rock on.

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