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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daddy K and car care don’t mix; sticking to the laptop

One of Amy's patients gave her a sweet cut-out card with a baby that swings in a swing, congratulating us on Baby B. Yes, I'm a girl sometimes and I'm okay with that.

Except when it comes to doing car things. Crap. I'm a guy when I need to be, but the last time I knew anything of car consequence was when I saved and bought my first car – a 1972 two-toned red and white El Camino with a whole lotta 350 under the hood.

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

One of my colleagues was stranded at work last week with a dead battery and I went out to jumpstart her car. It was the first time I attempted to do this in our new car; it was the first time I've actually looked at the engine of our new car.

After reviewing the owner's manual for 15 minutes, I jumpstarted her car. Although I did have it connected correctly, it still wouldn't start. Thirty minutes later AAA showed up and got her car started.


Does AAA offer car-guy-101 remedial courses?


Back to the laptop.

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  1. Thanks Kevin for helping me out! Also, I'm telling you, those tow truck guys have some supper dupper power that they don't make available to the rest of us mortals. How else would they stay in business? ;-)