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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poop, Play-Doh and Cranky Pills

That was the order this last week, but sometimes you really want to play life in reverse. For kicks and giggles I mean, the need for familial comedy relief.

Here, let me explain.

Friday evening slapped us across the face, Mama in particular, which then prompted the need to vent after a long stressful week of mixed-bag sleep and bloodshot Bryce.

The girls were being cranky pills and so I let Mama vent without incident, but when I had to give Bryce a dose of children's liquid Tylenol for intense teething pain, I gave her a syringe full of it -- the toddler size, not the baby size.


Then we both screamed about what to do next, frustrated and exhausted. Not really the time to discuss keeping emotional intelligence on high. Thankfully, after consulting poison control, were told that Bryce would be fine.

And then so were we. Amen. We need a drink. Thank you. No more B-hive drama (for now).

Take a step back this week and Mama bought Beatrice a Cookie Monster Play-Doh food thingie-ma-bob and immediately it was a hit. She instantly explored all the moving parts and played with it while Mama helped her create Play-Doh food stuffs.

However, when making Play-Doh French fries for a toddler, remind them that it's Play-Doh. Before you make them.


Take another step back and step into nice, warm, bubbly bath. Everyone loves a nice, warm, bubbly bath. Especially kids and babies. And the Mama.

So it was bath business as usual earlier this week with Mama and the B-hive splashing away together in warm, bubbly water.

When the B-hive baths are in play, I'm usually downstairs on the computer, waiting for Mama to call me up to help get the water-logged B's out.

This week was no exception, until the intense inflection in Mama's voice when I heard:

"Daddy -- poop in the pool! Poop in the pool!"

Oh mercy did that make me laugh. The Caddyshack Baby Ruth in the pool scene came to mind; if I would've had milk in my mouth...

"Daddy! Help! I have Bryce poop in my hand! Hurry!"

God, did I laugh. I could barely make it up the stairs. And when I finally arrived at the bath scene, It was comedic chaos with poop everywhere and then a good hosing down for everyone.

The pool is closed indefinitely. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Doesn't help with teething, but work with me here. Ah, but now we've taken two steps forward into Sunday pancake brunch.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Enjoy every moment, even the poopy ones.

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