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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bea in the memory of every moment, even when you're bloodshot Bryce

Helen Reddy's got nothing on Bryce.

Imagine every moment of infantile angst, loneliness, frustration you've ever experienced in the heart of a white hot nucleus in the base of your brain firing all dendrites at once sans the dopamine via the mouth.

It can crack the earth's mantle. Plus, she's a Leo.

It's fascinating to witness the developmental differences between our girls.

Beatrice, the tentatively sweet walker before crawler cuddle bug that now sleeps all night and plays by herself well; and then there's Bryce, the aggressively shriek teething diver who's ready to mop the floor with her onesies and chew everything's head off. Sure, she's a cuddle bug, too.

But mercy. They're exhausting. Just ask the Mama. Remember, I just work here.

We love our girls and are so very thankful they're both healthy and happy. It is sweet how they both interact and play with one another now, how Bryce wants to play so badly with her sister and be more mobile.

We don't necessarily with for that; Bryce is going to be an escape artist ninja where Beatrice was fairly easy to track.

For those of you with grown kids and those of you who haven't started yet, don't ever fast forward. Bea in the memory of every moment, even when you're bloodshot Bryce.

I am strong.

I am invincible.

I am baby.

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  1. I am the mom of two girls. One is going to be 17 next week. One will turn 20 in May. Life goes fast enough, there's no need to fast forward any of the moments of baby- or toddlerhood. There are days I miss when mine were little, even the sleepless nights. We will never pass this way again.