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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was the good parent-cart samaritan.

I loved story problems when I was in school. No matter how many times I read through a problem, I knew with salient comfort that there was only one correct answer to the problem.

Or was there?

Academics and test developers would tell me, "Yes, there is always only one answer to each story problem unless otherwise specified."

All right, here's my ethical daddy dilemma story problem...

Before Bryce was born, we had a weekly family routine of going grocery shopping together, all three of us.

But now? Now it's all different and we're figuring everything out again for the second time and from the B² perspective.

So I took Beatrice to the grocery store with me today. Trader Joe's actually (there's a fantastic article in Fortune about the retailer). Don't worry, I'm a good shopper (with a list) and Trader Joe's is easily traversed with a toddler in shopping cart tow. Bea usually gets an organic Fuji apple to munch on while we shop, and today was no exception.

We shopped, Bea munched and then we checked out.

I pushed the shopping cart back out into the parking lot to our car, strapped Bea into the car seat, loaded the full reusable grocery bags into the car, and then pushed the cart--

Wait a minute. What was I supposed to do?

  • A) Leave Bea in the car and push the cart back to the cart rack 20 yards away?
  • B) Leave the cart in between the cars around me for someone else to deal with?
  • C) Take Bea back out of the car seat, hold her while I push the cart back to the cart rack and then skip back to the car to strap Bea back in?

No, mommies and daddies, I did not leave Bea in the car. I know every parent has there fudge-factor-risk time of doing just that, but this time I did not.

I picked C. I was the good parent-cart samaritan.

But maybe next time I'll just have Bea get the car and pull up front so I can load it.


  1. With two kids I'm thinking I'll be visiting my local 24 hour grocery store after the kids are in bed and mommy is home. My TJ's trips will have to be scheduled "Daddy alone time"

  2. Since I'm an early bird, I'm going to have to get up earlier for Daddy time. I just can't bring myself to be a night owl again. Ack.

  3. I park as close to the cart pens as I can, so the kids can get settled while I'm putting things away. Then I just push the cart right next to my car into the pen.