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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy K's predawn prep of mindful presence (Happy Father's Day)

I'm always the first to awaken in our family, to enjoy the predawn prep of mindful presence. It's a sacred time for me, and this morning on my first father's day is no exception. The sunrise accelerates; color and light flood the trees and sky through our front window; it's going to be a beautiful day.

I await the call, when Mama A says "sweetie" signaling me to go upstairs to welcome her and our little Beatrice into the day. It should come any moment now. Then we'll sing the morning song Mama wrote for Bea, as we do every morning:

Good morning, good morning, it's time to wake up
The birds are all singing, the sun's coming up

It's a beautiful day for my baby and me

We'll laugh and we'll dance and we'll sing by the sea

Good morning, good morning, a new day is here

Full of bright, sunny smiles and good morning cheer

It's a day full of wonder and lots of good fun

So, let's get up, get going, the day has begun

When I hold my daughter in my arms and she smiles at me, her tiny hand fumbling along my nose and mouth, color and light flood my heart and I want to be a better man and father, to be present and accountable in her life, in Mama's and in mine and in the world beyond us. We've only just begun that journey and family adventure is our middle name.

I am blessed, take nothing for granted and accept the nod from God.

Happy Father's Day Gentlemen. There is hope through fatherhood.

P.S. - I'll miss you today, Dad. So glad your on the mend again! Thank God for angel battery packs.

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  1. You have a wonderful way of greeting the day and your baby girl. How I wish we could all wake up like this.
    I followed the links in your post to your previous posts. Both were eye-opening and helped me understand where you're coming from a litle better. It sounds like you took yourself in hand and became a better man.
    I hope your Father's Day was a wonderful one.

  2. Being a father is a wonderful blessing from God. I'm glad to hear that you have accepted the nod and are faithful fulfilling your role as father.