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Friday, June 19, 2009

The ascent of Bea and the baby-face buffet (Happy Fother's Day!)

We're closing in on a 9-month Bea and it's been amazing. Recently, there's been two developments worthy of note.

First, there's the ascent of Bea. For millions of years babes have learned to crawl before they walk, but our Beatrice has been wanting to walk so badly for over a month now. Mama skims the floor on her knees like a hovercraft while using her arms to act as safety bars for Bea to bound forward in (and sideways and backwards and diagonally). Saves money and wear and tear from buying a walker. Bea's even standing up more on her own, balancing against furniture and our 300-year-old cat and her toy basket that she loves to dip into from time to time. Either of us will hold her by her hands or under her arms and away she goes! Mercy, it's time to child-proof the house and my laptop. Nobody touches my MacBook.

Ah, then there's the joys of feeding baby. Bea's been eating solids for a few months and Mama keeps introducing different organic veges and pasta and french fries and onion rings. No, wait - those last two are me and Mama's. Funny thing is, Bea's turned into the baby-face buffet; you can eat right off her face. Seriously. Delicious, tenderly-cooked sweet potatoes and carrots and peas and pasta and green beans and mashed bananas, all for the lip-smacking taking. Of course, some of it makes it to the baby belly for Bea sustanence, but why heat up a Swanson TV dinner when you've got an adorable baby-face chock full of nutritious food? Don't forget the bonus - finishing off your meal when you move baby from the high-chair and pick the food off the seat (and floor). It all goes well with a glass or three of Merlot.

So while it is Father's Day this Sunday, and I am a very proud new father and wish all the daddies out there the best, I have to give a shout out to my lovely wife. Without her, I wouldn't even Bea a father. I'd just be a big, scary man eating the food off other baby-face buffets.

Happy Fother's Day, Mama A!


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  1. Dang, that made me wanna smear food on my toddlers face LOL...Happy Fathers Day, to you BOTH!

  2. I think I'll skip the baby food buffet, but that glass of wine sounds good!
    Happy Father's Day to you and yours!

  3. I prefer food of the non pureed variety...

    Happy Father's Day!

  4. Glad somebody else visits the baby buffet. I treat it like double dinners every evening!