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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby B goes for a jog

I try to run anywhere from 12-15 miles per week. That's a lot for this old man Daddy K. I've even improved my average mile time to almost 9 minutes, down from over 10-minute miles a year ago.

But nothing prepared me for today's first: taking Bea for a jog in our fancy schmancy Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogging Stroller. Certainly not the top of the line, but still a sweet ride nonetheless.

Totally different ballgame pushing the jogging stroller with a baby in it while jogging. We've walked a lot with it, but this is the first time I ran with it. One thing I learned very quickly was to keep one arm free to swing naturally as you'd do running usually, and just rotate each arm every so often. That made the ensuing miles much more palatable jogging the rich rocking tunes of Rush, Genesis, Ted Nugent, Foghat, Van Halen, The Cult and many more newer kids as well – love my iPod random shuffle. (Bea will grow up knowing what it means to rock.)

Baby B was find 'cause she just enjoyed the ride the whole time – predominantly napping. I had my fanny pack strapped to my belly with cell phone for those just-in-case moments, which there were none. I made it over 4 miles, but mercy was that a trek. Great workout, though.

I'm thinking of starting a fun 5K and 10K Get Off the Ground running/fundraising event for daddies with babies and jogging strollers.

Where should the proceeds go? The Make-A-Wish Foundation? The March of Dimes? The America Red Cross? Youth fitness and sports?

What do you think?

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  1. Nice work, running with the baby the first few times is brutal. Once you get the hang of it, no problem - until B starts to talk and isn't interested in going for a run!!