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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daddy K revels in the family traveler experience

Last night we went to see a friend and colleague give a presentation about his newly published book Route 66 Railway at the Steinbeck Center in Salinas. This has definitely been a labor of love for him – a culmination of years of travel, stellar photography and insightful writing – and anyone who loves the railroad, old west, Route 66 and any combination of the three should buy the book.

We had the opportunity to take our own road trip through the southwest back in May of 2007. We drove along historic Route 66 via Seligman, AZ, and stopped at the infamous Sno Cap Drive-in and Angel Delgadillo's old barbershop and now gift store run by his family. This is one of many stops along Route 66 featured in my friend's book. Angel was such a gracious man and was thrilled to hear that Elrond's book would someday be a reality. He even showed me the picture Elrond (the author/photographer) took of him the summer before. Good times!

During the Q&A following the book presentation last night, I asked Elrond out of all the ghosts of old Americana he came across during his photography travels, what were the most haunting.

What he said hit home with me. "Well, I would say that too many people today focus on their destinations, and not on the traveler experience. Everything in between is forgotten."

I'm paraphrasing a bit, but it was something like that. I couldn't agree more. His family joined him, his daughter in particular, on many of his adventures throughout the southwest, and they reveled in every moment of their journeys.

Just like the vacationing families of 50+ years ago who traversed the long stretches of tarmac from Chicago to Santa Monica, and all points in between. They knew where and how to get their kicks.

Amy and I always revel in the traveler experience, and we can't wait to show our baby daughter the road less traveled. Hey, we took her to Salinas last night.

The point of a journey is not to arrive – the point of departure is not to return.

–Neil Peart

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