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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daddy K says think about the kids; finance an AIDS clinic, or a youth center, or GM

Earlier this week I was working out in the family home gym (garage), half-listening to the Today Show talk about the business of high-end prostitution (got the title though, didn't I).

What bothered me wasn't the fact the global sex industry could help refinance the current worldwide financial meltdown more than once – which is ironic considering many financial institutions and corporations quietly invest in adult entertainment and high-end prostitution. No, this isn't an evangelical morality post about the evils of sex and porn and the fear of legalizing prostitution unraveling the moral fabric of our spiritual centers, but it is a post about personal responsibility. And that's my spiritual center.

I belong to the church of pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps and the holy personal-responsibility redeemer. So when I heard the reporter talk about how in a world gone bell up financially, men in power (and I'm sure some women as well) continue to finance prostitution, making it boom during a bust.

Because it makes them feel better about themselves – for lighting piles of money on fire. Our money.

It makes them feel better about themselves. Really. I've done a lot of borderline things over the years to make myself feel better about me – I ain't no angel – but that was mostly prior to being married (again) and prior to having a daughter, the game-changer.

According to an informal survey conducted by an Internet site for men who hire escorts found that 49 percent are married, 40 percent have an income of more than $100,000 and 38 percent hold a graduate degree.

Forty-nine percent are married. How many of those do you think has children? And how many of those are girls?

Again, I don't have a problem with sex and I'm not naïve when it comes to the big business of adult entertainment. I just don't understand how married men in power who have children can rationalize that spending $25,000 for a weekend with a beautiful woman for sex and fake romance will make the boo-boos go away.

Put a frickin' band-aid on it and donate to an AIDS clinic, or a youth center, or GM. Keep Saturn alive for God's sake. We're a Saturn family that buys stuff and loads up the VUE, helping the economy when we can.

Seriously, there are many other positive ways to make yourself feel better while making a difference in the lives around you.

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