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Monday, May 31, 2010

Things that rhyme with awareness: Football, fathers, daughters and getting jiggy with celebrity male role models

I've come to know many great organizations in my quest to create awareness and action to end violence against women and intimate partner violence (domestic violence).

The Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence and The Pixel Project are two that I know very well (check out others in my blog roll).

A new one (to me) that I just became aware of this Memorial Day Weekend came in the form of a Pixel Project post:

News from A CALL TO MEN

A CALL TO MEN is an awareness-raising partner of The Pixel Project. Their vision is to shift social norms that define manhood in our culture, and their mission is to galvanize a national movement of men committed to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls.

A CALL TO MEN has partnered with the National Football League Players’ Association to produce a new book. Called NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters, the book celebrates “the unique and indestructible bond between fathers and daughters.”


Recognizing that domestic and sexual violence directed against women is a serious social problem that continues to plague America, the National Football League and the National Football League Player’s Association have joined A CALL TO MEN, a leading national men’s organization dedicated to addressing this problem, to produce Dedicated to Daughters, a book celebrating the unique and indestructible bond between fathers and daughters. In it NFL players and coaches, through inspiring personal accounts, talk about what it means to be a father and the importance of being a role model for their daughters.


How cool is that? Very. A Call to Men is an organization I'm going to check out further for sure.

And here's even more coolness:

The Pixel Project is a global volunteer-led nonprofit organisation working to raise US$1 million in aid of the USA’s National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Malaysia’s Women’s Aid Organisation via an online fundraiser in which a 1-million pixel mystery collage of 4 to 6 globally known Celebrity Male Role Models will be unveiled online as donors “buy” each pixel for US$1.00.

As part of efforts to recruit Celebrity Male Role Models for the mystery collage, The Pixel Project is pleased to launch their first Voters’ Choice Celebrity Male Role Model campaign through which a worldwide audience votes for the actor to be included in our A-list line-up which includes a Nobel Prize Winner and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

The two nominees with the most votes will be invited to donate JUST 45 MINUTES of their time to have their picture taken for the collage and to join the global community in saying “It’s time to stop Violence Against Women. Together.”

The superstar nominee who accepts the invitation will be revealed through the Pixel Reveal fundraiser which will be launched in the second half of 2010.

Although I'm voting for Will Smith, here are all the contenders:

  • Alexander Skarsgard
  • David Tennant
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Will Smith

Voting is open from 17 May 2010 – 17 June 2010 and you are invited to key in your vote and sign the online petition.

Beatrice and Bryce, we've got your back.

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