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Friday, March 12, 2010

The baby romance may have waned, but the family love always remains.

The first time round, there was so much mystery, romance and intrigue.

The second time, not so much.

The not-so dirty little secret is that the second child gets the shaft. The magic of conception, of birthing another being into the world, is gone.

Maybe. But now that we're almost halfway to Bryce day, the reality is it's a reality check tempered with "wait, we're having another what?" and the still thrilling expectation that it may be a


or a


and God please just let it be healthy like Bea.

And in this heart-attack erratic world where tomorrow there may be no jobs, no home, no healthcare, nothing can take away the proud parental intensity of:

  • Seeing the first sonogram of our new baby.
  • Mama feeling our new baby move (I haven't yet! still too small).
  • Hearing the strong heartbeat of Baby Bryce.
  • Holding Mama close with hand on the belly.
  • Both of us holding Bea close in a family group hug.

Even with those moments, our midwife may think we're being anti-climatic when she asks:

"So, you don't really have any other questions right now? You pretty much no what's coming?"

And we chirp like crickets in response.

Yes, we're much more tired awaiting the second with the first in tow, especially for Mama. It dulls the laughter, the libido, the overall focal strength and sometimes us old folk need James Cameron special effects help.

The baby romance may have waned, but the family love always remains.


  1. We had our 24 weeks appointment yesterday and it we were in and out in like 5 minutes. I don't know about you, but the second time around seems to be flying by.

  2. My God is it going fast! Lightning fast!

  3. Everything you said about the second child is true. The second pregnancy did indeed feel like it flew by. I like the name Bryce. And the family love, it feels like it not only remains, but gets stronger. I hope Mama is feeling good!

  4. Mama's feeling pretty good. Rougher the first three months this time than it was with Bea. Thank you!