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Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm one of millions of men who believes VAW should end. Amen. (The Pixel Project)

I've been called a girl more than once in my lifetime -- by family and friends and even my wife.

Love you, Honey.

I'm good with it. Here's to International Women's Day!

And here's to my involvement with the good people at The Pixel Project. I've joined their volunteer ranks and look forward to generating more awareness to end violence against women -- in honor of my mother and in hopes that my daughter lives in a less violent world.

Check out the below announcement about The Pixel Project Wall of Support:

The Pixel Project, a global Web 2.0-driven awareness and fund raising campaign working to end Violence Against Women (VAW), is proud to launch The Pixel Project Wall of Support on 8 March 2010 in honour of International Women's Day.

The Wall of Support is a gallery of video endorsements from people worldwide who support The Pixel Project’s mission to get men and women to work together to end VAW. Endorsements are uploaded to YouTube and displayed on the Wall of Support galleries in the Community Buzz section of The Pixel Project’s website.

By showing a human face and voice with every endorsement, The Pixel Project hopes that this global chorus of voices against VAW will ignite conversation and focus public attention on the urgency of ending gender-based violence afflicting one in three women worldwide.

Each endorsement will be counted as an “action” towards UNIFEM’s “Say NO – UNiTE” campaign’s bid to raise 1 million grassroots actions against VAW by November 2010.

Guidelines for submitting a video can be found at For further inquiries, contact Chrissie Moulding at

I'm one of millions of men who believes VAW should end. Amen.

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  1. Thanks for helping spread the word about the Pixel Project and for being willing to speak out against violence against women. Keep it up!!