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Saturday, November 14, 2009

How can we find anything in a miasma of misfit toys?

We lost it. Then we found it. The water marking pen for the Aquadoodle.

But first we lost it. Filled it with water last night. Gave it to Bea to draw on the Aquadoodle, although she drags it down the couch, puts it in her mouth, pokes the cat with it - you name it.

We lost it. We looked for it in multiple waves of frustration and fear, anguish and anger, devastation and despair, but to no avail. Couldn't find the damn thing anywhere.

I retraced my steps, which meant nothing since I have no short-term memory. I dug through the living room toy boxes yet again, only to activate dozens of singing toys including the Sesame Street disco cube (or whatever the heck its called), a dozen LeapFrog products leaping and wailing, and other random nursery rhyme singing electronica sensations.

How can we find anything in a miasma of misfit toys?

It's funny, but when I searched online for "how to find lost things", one of the results I got was from eHow - How to Find Lost Items:

  • Check the usual places.
  • Retrace your steps.
  • Sit down and think it through.
  • Explore the obscure places.
  • Ask everybody who shares your space if they've seen it (don't blame - ha!).
  • Recheck the most likely places - again.
  • Maybe it's time for a de-clutter house cleaning.

And don't forget to check the nooks and crannies around the magical misfit toy chests.

That's where we found it. Beatrice, not in your mouth!



  1. Were you panicking thinking Bea might have ate it? I remember the days like these and don't miss them a bit. But, my short term memory is shot, like yours, and now I end up getting frustrated over lost house keys, car keys, money, etc. And it's usually where I left it, but couldn't remember doing so.

    I did chuckle at the end. Everything ends up in the mouth, doesn't it?

  2. Digging through the toy box is quite a task isn't it. The thing comes alive just like you described it.

  3. Very funny. I don't do this with toys but my pen seems to run off on it's own all the time. Love how to find lost things. I must remember that.