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Sunday, October 18, 2009

This sh&t's not okay. Parenting leadership lacking.

I'm really frustrated. From balloon boy hoax to burning bullies - this sh&t's not okay.

I mean, get the fact that on some anecdotal teen movie level kids will be kids, and with balloon boy, parents will be kids - but again, it's not okay.

It wasn't okay yesterday and it's not okay today. Where is the parenting leadership reaching out to their children to explain to them that setting someone on fire is violent, abusive and wrong?

Where is the parenting leadership reaching out to other parents who decide they need more media coverage instead of being personally responsible for themselves and their families?

Bullying not just a boy sport either. Just search for girl fights on YouTube.

Violence is violence. Abuse is abuse. Exploitation is exploitation.

I understand that these cases are sensationalized in the media, but we need to step up as parents of our children and instill in them that it's not okay, not tell a reporter later in an interview that you had no idea your child was so violent.

Be aware and involved. Be of mindful presence with yourself and your kids. You have the biggest impact on them more than anyone else.

The cloud of domestic violence just gets bigger and bigger...

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  1. Being a parent is hard work and that is why so many parents don't want to do it. They want to be their kids' "friend." So, we have children who don't get any leadership, any authority figure, anyone to tell them right from wrong, no one to discipline them when they need it. Or we have parents who don't "butt" into their children's lives, so they have no idea what their children have become or what they do, or who they hang around with. That's easier, too.
    Did we have families carrying out hoaxes about kids being trapped in hot air balloons or burning bullies before the media got a hold of them? Maybe. But, I don't think to this degree. I believe we have more and more parents abandoning their responsibilites, abandoning their families to their friends, the streets to who or whatever.
    I am angry,frustrated and very, very sad. I feel helpless and sometimes hopeless. I really don't know how to change this situation.
    I only have control over what I do with my family, no one else's.
    You're so right, this sh*t's not okay in any way shape or form.