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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I swear this isn't an anthropomorphized Coco-the-ape scenario

In the span of almost one week - from my 25-year high school reunion (which I have yet to blog about) to my whirlwind few days at the HR Technology Conference and Expo - my baby's talking more, can sign, loves her books, was on the international olympic committee (she was pulling for Chi-town), and she now understands quantum physics.

Okay, maybe not the IOC and physics parts, but it's pretty damn amazing to bear witness to bright learning spikes of one-year-olds.

She's a brainiac with the daddy cranium, that's for sure, but with much more brain than the bone and stale air crisps that I slog atop my neck.

When I got back yesterday from my trip, I sat and read through her books with her, especially the Let's Sign book, watching her sign baby, and book, and hug, and a few more. She even signed daddy this morning.

I swear this isn't an anthropomorphized Coco-the-ape scenario (no, Bea isn't an ape - think figuratively). She's really doing it and it's very crazy learning cool.

How soon is too soon for the baby MacBook?

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  1. Babies are learning sponges and apparently Bea is no exception. Everything is new and fascinating and it's amazing to watch babies take it all in. When they can echo back what they've learned it's even more astounding. Good for Bea!

    I wish Bea was on the IOC. Apparently Chicago didn't impress them much.

    It's never too soon for the baby MacBook!