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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The triple whammy of Bea’ing (queue eebee)

Oh crap, I spoke too soon. Just last week I was telling friends and family that Bea was sleeping through the night. Sure, she fed at least once a night, but for the most part she was sleeping, which meant Mama was sleeping, which meant I was sleeping.

Until the other night:


Baby nightmare? Scared me to death, but when Mama pulled her into bed from the bassinet and fed her, I thought all is well.

Then a few hours later:


Baby nightmare again? Gassy? Teething?

The trippy whammy, Sammy. Yep, I spoke too soon.


We try to limit detrimental adult stimuli during the day – TV, hardcore rap, industrial death metal, Stephen King short stories, the wood chipper, firing the gun into the ceiling, etc. However, we think it has more to do with being gassy and the fact that the teething has begun.

No teeth have erupted yet, but she's drooling and chewing and fussing off and on.


And the gassiness just kicked up a notch a few days ago – burp, toot, toot, burp, burp (Morse code for growing pains?). We've been making the move to organics across the board, but I can't imagine that being the issue. We did start her on banana-breast-milk mash about three weeks ago, which she loves, so maybe that's it.

Mama went from pseudo-vegetarian to hot little carnivore, so maybe the beef's got something to do with it?

As I'm typing this I hear:


Queue eebee. Amy found it on our cable on-demand kids channel last week and I watched it with Bea this morning. We were both so excited, drooling and flailing our arms and legs like over-turned bugs in the hot sun.

I have seen joy incarnate, and it is eebee.

I love eebee.

More on eebee later...

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