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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hence the singing Hindi velociraptor

Our little Bea has started to vocalize beyond the cooing, gurgling and crying. Trouble is, I can't figure out if she sounds more like a baby velociraptor or the loudspeaker Hindi singing we experienced in Bali years ago or Gregorian chant chipmunk style.

Okay, not really. Kind of. Actually, she's really flexing those pipes with all the elongated vowel sounds and startling bursts. It's very exciting! All the baby books and sites we read and such tell us to keeping reading and talking and singing to baby as much as possible, including reading books, recipes, grocery lists, last-minute stimulus package riders (hey, it was signed today).

I read at that New York University researchers have found that listening to your voice lays the groundwork for your infant to understand nonspeech, such as music and animal sounds.

Hence the singing Hindi velociraptor.

We've also noticed that when we're driving in the car or when she's laying in her crib before or after a nap, she's babbling to herself in sing-song sounds.

How amazing to witness her transformation. Every day she takes my breath away (especially when she scratches my face with those sharp little nails – Mama, get the clippers!).

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