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Sunday, January 23, 2011

That way we don't eat our young

"How are we even functioning with such horrible sleep?"

Good question, Mama. No idea.

Welcome to lack of sleep, part 2.

Again, sleep interrupted leads to wafer-thin patience and hallucination -- I dreamed of a Great White jetting through watery space right at me.

Or did I?

I awoke unscathed, but still...

So this morning as Mama rattled verbal sabres at the air around us and at a crying baby upstairs, all I wanted was to slip away into the garage to silence.

Then Mama slid upstairs to nurse a crying baby.

And silence.


When she came back down she was all smiles and higher than a kite.

"Wow, that oxytocin does wonders."

Oxytocin, a mammalian hormone that acts primarily as a neuromodulator in the brain -- i.e., the "love hormone."

We should have oxytocin stations in every room, and on every street corner. Really.

That way we don't eat our young. Or each other.

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  1. I need something sometimes. Patience goes first for me and that is not a good thing. Maybe this is the key.