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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nodding off to the couch time to come. Ack.

Sleep evades us.

And the painful wakeful gaps get more frequent and longer...until I'm sleeping on the couch...and even that isn't helping Mama much.

A month ago we thought Bryce was hitting her three-month stride of sleeping more through the night. She was only waking up once during the night to nurse, sometimes twice, and it all seemed like downhill from there on out.

Then the melting snowball hit fresh snow and got bigger and bigger...

Waking four to five times per night isn't what we had in mind. Granted, she's far from colicky; we've heard from family and friends just how painful that can be. However, just five minutes of shrieking feels like forever.

You know, like a panic attack-yack-yack-yack (if you've ever had them).

But sleep interrupted repeatedly over time can take an emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical toll.

Big time. Especially on the Mama (but me too).

Beatrice had similar sleeping behavior around the same time. Thankfully though she moved past that and started sleeping through the night (post nursing at least). And now? Beatrice sleeps like a rock star training to be a teenager.

I don't want to fast-forward too quickly...

Oh, we love both our girls and know the sleep and lack thereof will pass soon enough.

Or, not soon enough as I blink sand from my eyes and yawn in the early afternoon, nodding off to the couch time to come...



  1. I hope sleep comes soon for all of you.

    Love the photo and I can relate. And when your girls become teens, you can expect them to wake at the crack of noon whenever they can. Yes, you don't want to rush it, it comes too soon.

  2. Not looking forward to the return of those days. Out 2 year old still wakes up in the night 3 or 4 times a week. That has become normal life, but the addition of the new babies this summer is going to be tough.

    Good luck getting some sleep!