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Friday, April 23, 2010

The silky breeze of angels, above the morning dew.

Two nights in a row with Beatrice not sleeping well, calling out for Mama and standing in her crib crying.

We're not exactly sure why, only the fact that her teeth are still erupting faster than the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano and is probably a big part of it.

The night before I tried to help calm Bea down, but Mama had to end up sleeping with her, as she usually ends up doing when Bea's upset, but last night I just had to give Mama a break.

So I gave it another try. I pulled her out of her crib and snuggled with her on the other bed we have in the room.

And this time me and Bea both fell fast asleep quickly. Early morning came and I woke early as I usually do. I turned to Bea.

Watching her sleep soundly is profound; I long for that peaceful mindful presence in waking moments.

I could almost see her breath, so soft and still so new.

The silky breeze of angels, above the morning dew.


  1. I'm sorry Bea is suffering. Teething is not fun, for baby or parents. I'm glad though you got to wake up with her. It is a beautiful thing.

  2. And those darn teeth keep coming and coming. Thankfully she's slept all night this time.