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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A week away brought Daddy tears and Jam-B day!

My friends with older kids keep telling me to "embrace these moments" and "treasure these moments" and "these are the best times" because Bea will grow up and not want the cuddly closeness of childhood.


Maybe. But it's certainly not a problem for me celebrating the loving moments of fatherhood. I can't even imagine those who don't.

Damn, I work too much -- hard-wired to my friggin' MacBook -- and was gone most of the week in Boston where I saw more snow that I've seen my entire life (although it was magical, because I don't have to live in it).

Missed Mama and B-squared terribly, more than usual this time. Everyday I talked to Beatrice on the speaker phone and asked her what a cow says.


That's currently her best cow, which is odd since there are some Baby Einstein DVD scenes with puppet cows that freak her out, like clown fear.

Oh, it was so good get home to my family! I didn't get to see Bea until Friday morning since she was asleep when I got home Thursday night, but when I did, she was so excited which made me excited which made her excited which made me excited which made her excited --

She actually ran into my arms with a smile that spanned the globe.

And that, ladies and gentleman, brought tears to Daddy's timezone-travel-weary eyes.

So began Friday Daddy Jam-B day! It's usually my work-from-home-watch-baby day and there's nothing finer than staying in your jammies most of the day.

"Beatrice, isn't it fun working in your jammies?"

"A-da, A-da, oooooooo."

"Right on, baby. Right on."


  1. I love the photo of Bea! She is adorable!

    I also got a weepy feeling (in a good way)from your post. It's so wonderful to read about dads and moms who love their children so much when they finally get to see them after a long time apart, they get tears in their eyes.

    BTW, the hugs don't have to stop when they get older. My girls still hug and kiss their dad when they see him. When The Mister gets home from work, he's greeted by a hug and kiss from the youngest, everyday. She's almost 16.

  2. That's what I'm counting on! Hopefully she'll never be too cool for daddy.