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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Imagine One of Your Own Making the 911 Call

All I have to do is imagine one of our girls making the 911 call, and I'm gripped with anger, fear and the memories of my own childhood.

Today is Superbowl XLIX and the NFL will air a very important PSA by about domestic violence. Considering how the NFL commissioner was criticized for his lack of enforcement and investigation into player’s domestic violence charges and arrests, these types of campaigns are powerful, but also way overdue. Plus, there are the players themselves who have participated in anti-violence campaigns.

But on a game day where possibly over 150 million will be watching, I'll take it.

Now imagine one of your own making the 911 call. Please talk with your children about healthy relationships, consent and violence.

"No more, 'it's just the way it is.'"



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