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Saturday, February 25, 2012

BE HAPPY: But Watch Your Step

"Good morning, Beatrice. How are you this morning?"


What a sweet thing to hear on a day when business world bullies punched me in the gut. What a crappy difference a hump day makes.

As I knelt crumpled over and holding my belly, I flashed back to my walk through Natural Bridges with the girls the weekend before. Both Beatrice and Bryce running around in the heart of the eucalyptus tree grove, us all laughing with abandon.

The girls kept running back and forth in front sign posted on the fence:

CAUTION: Watch Your Step

IMG 1542

Bryce kept spinning and then eventually lost her footing and fell, giggling. Thankfully she wasn't hurt. Bea followed suit, but on purpose to be silly. It was such a fun time for me watching my girls play so freely and happily.

Being hit in the gut seemed inconsequential after that. Blows like that always do. I've learned to fight back and kill 'em with transcendent success. Screw the kindness (but don't tell my girls that).

BE HAPPY: But Watch Your Step. And sometimes it's okay to put all your B's in the same basket.

IMG 1544


  1. :) Lovely post Kevin! I am a super rose-coloured optimist. I am hoping that the business bully actions were accidental and just misguided rather than intentional. A lot of times people are just so self-absorbed in their own stuff, they just can't see far enough to understand the impact of what they are doing. On the plus..side that absorbtion means we all get the freedom to be silly sometimes and know that no-one is watching as closely as we think. (At least that's what I am hoping because I need a few free passes once in a while.)

  2. Thank you, Di! I do agree indeed.