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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Making Herstory: Tiny Moments of Truth

Like a million little crossroads
Through the backstreets of youth
Each time we turn a new corner
A tiny moment of truth

~Neil Peart

A tiny moment of truth. That's what it's like watching Beatrice from every day; watching her discover the world's tiny moments of truth for the first time, the connecting of dots anew day after day after day.

We'll have double the tiny truths very soon with Bryce bouncing on Mama's bladder like a uterine trampoline, building up her strength for the final outward bound bounce.

Mercy sakes alive!

In the meantime we've got some other great moments lined up: The family fun has only just begun this 4th of July weekend!

Auntie Jill, Uncle Steve and Cousin Braxton are visiting and Bea is just thrilled to bits. Braxton is 3 1/2 and you'd think Bea found her long lost playmate from lifetimes ago, running around the house and outside like unabashed banshees sharing shrieks of joy.

Hey, look at my little World Cup star!

As an adult and a father I worry about today, tomorrow and the next year and the year after that...

I worry will I be able to protect and provide and prevail when life cuts left while I'm headed right...

In the midst of constant change comes fear of choosing wrongly from an array of choices known and unknown...

Thankfully I've learned that overcoming fear of the unknown only happens when you get to know it as quickly as possible.

Like speed-self dating.

That I can deal with, but I certainly don't want Bea or Bryce dating anytime in the next 40 years, so speeding up moments is definitely out of the question.

Ha! Right?

Too much more time and choices yet to come...

Watching my tiny moment of truth in front of the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum: Beatrice making herstory, as Bryce will make hers, as we continue to make ourstory (and you know I'm okay with the girl power theme).

Holy Cow. My niece is getting married. My nephew is starting Cal. And we've got two babies. More crazy cool tiny moments of truth...

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