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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daddy K and Mama A mix Mentos and Diet Coke

Like many babies, our Baby B loves motion and vibration; it helps her fall asleep (along with various natural sounds, light music and white noise). Her bassinet, swing and bouncy chair all have a vibrate mode and she really digs that. She also likes the bouncy effect of the bouncy chair, which I've used successfully for the past week.

And that means we dig it, because it helps her fall asleep. Of course, there's no substitute for swaddling and holding and cuddling and letting baby take in your scent (just ask Mama A), but anything inanimate that helps, helps.

We're fortunate so far though, because Bea is a pretty mellow baby on the colicky scale; she's not really colicky at all to date.

Last night started off as a mellow evening, but then we had a hard time getting Bea to sleep, even after what we thought was her bedtime feeding (full belly). Being the smart daddy I am I really thought that the bouncy chair would help, so I brought it up and put it on the bed to bounce Bea while we read.

Didn't work.

Then we all went back downstairs and I tried to bounce her there in the chair.

Didn't work.

Mama tried to cuddle and gently bounce her in our big cuddle chair.

Didn't work.

Exhaustion leads to frustration and we were pretty tired at this point. Bea finally dozed off and we went straight up to bed (it wasn't that much time overall, but it felt like it).

As soon as we turned the lights out and put her in between us –

Wait for it –

"Yaaack. Waaaaaaaaaaa!" (Baby B)

"Oh my God!" (Mama A)

Did I lock the back door? (Daddy K)

"She's throwing up!" (Mama A)

"Oh my God!" (Daddy K)

Projectile milk vomit all over baby and the bed in front of her. (If I would've had more warning, I would've held her hair back for her like the chivalrous daddy I am, but she doesn't really have much to hold back. )

We quickly took Bea and cleaned her up, drained milk from her nose and throat, and took her temperature (normal). Bea cried and cried and we were scared. Really scared. This was new for all three of us and we had no idea of why she got sick.

Until you imagine mixing Mentos and Diet Coke, or putting a whole bunch of crap in a blender and mixing on high with the lid off.

After we all got cleaned up, Bea was fed again (good sign being hungry after that), and we all went fast asleep. Thank God. Was it the bouncing, or was it something Mama ate, or was it the global financial markets sucking the souls of future generations?

We may never know.

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