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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Under the milky way tonight

They're getting too far apart, these moments I share here. A new career, business travel, writing a book, and more importantly a family to love and cherish in the Mama and the B-hive, leaves little time to share.

But share I'll continue to do. Last night was a precious moment. After Bryce was put to bed, we asked Nonna (the Mama's mom) to monitor the monitor, and we took Beatrice down to the cliffs above the water. It was such a balmy night last night, our Indian summer simmering, stirring memories of our own youth.

We ran along the West Cliff Drive walkway, laughing and jumping, reaching for the tiny diamonds that shimmered in the night sky.

I pointed up to the sky. "Wow, is that the milky way?"

"Yes," the Mama said.

"Bea," I said, pulling her close and pointing up. "That's the milky way. See all the stars inside it?"

"The milky way," she repeated.

We all gazed at the starry sky in a moment of quiet reverence. And then we were off again, laughing and jumping into the warm night.

Gotta hold on to those moments, kids.

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