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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Talking Cop and Astronaut Shop

Pop never walked on the moon, but I'll bet he would've befriended Neil Armstrong after the posthumous fact; they were about the same age, passing not too far from one another. They would've hung out on a covered porch on a hot summer's day, shared a few bourbons and water, discussed their time in the Air Force and the Navy, talked cop and astronaut shop, and go on proudly about their families, children and grandchildren.

Pop would've killed Neil with every single excruciatingly long story he told, and then made up for it with every goofy joke and punchline he shared. They would've laughed, maybe have shared a tear or two between them. Maybe.

They would've modestly shared each other's write-upsnews stories and memorials, each telling the other how they didn't quite deserve it, but internally happy about the loving attention nonetheless.

And each eternally happy about the impacts of their lives as positive legacy -- knowing that true legacy isn't literally what's left behind. It's our mindful presence of remembrance for those we lost, in this very moment, and that one, and that one, and that one…

They'd clink their glasses as more of these moments are shared, the moon rising behind them in the warm night sky.

Better than a stick in the eye, right Pop?

We love you. You will be missed. See if you can't score some moon rock from Neil.

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